1) First and foremost is HONESTY…yes, you heard me right, HONESTY still exists.  I was born in the old land ..Spain, and have those old school morals. My handshake is stronger than any contract. All of my clients have become my friends.  I want my 3 little ones to follow my lead, so that’s the example that I will set…100%.  I will be your Honest Realtor

 2) Knowledge of Construction: I owned a contracting company with my brother that he still currently runs.  When I look at a home, I really look at it..not just how pretty it is, but how strong the structure is. 

 3) Knowledge of Finance: I worked for Michael Bloomberg’s finance department for 9 years. I managed 3 finance departments. I’ll direct you in getting your mortgage loan.

 4) I do this full time. I take Real Estate Seriously. I’m not a kid out of college that wants to make a few bucks because of what they saw on HGTV. 

5) Author:  I wrote books on this stuff. Just email me and I’ll send you FREE COPIES. 

6) I’m with you until the end.  I make sure that I’m with you until the final day of closing and make sure that no one is up to any funny stuff. I will protect you at all cost! 

7) You are with me and me only: I don’t pass you on to someone else or leave you once a contract is signed. I know every aspect of the business and want to make sure that I guide you in the right direction.

8) I’m an Investor: Being an investor forces me to look at properties different than other agents.  I make sure you are getting a Great Deal.  

9) No Drip Campaigns: Most agents punch in some requirements and put you on an email campaign and all of the sudden you start getting random properties emailed to you. I wake up every morning at 3:30a and hand select properties. The properties that I send you are properties that have a high rate of you loving them.

10) I stand by my 5 Star Reviews and thank my past clients for them. My goal is to continue doing my best so I can earn that 5 Star Review. Se Habla Español.